Core Value of CSD

The Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSD) focuses on the consultation and promotion of Total Lean Management (TLM), Total Production Management (TPM) and Total Quality Management (TQM). We help industries break the barriers between companies, systems, and countries, establishing value chains that foster mutual trust, cooperation, and reciprocity.

By applying methods such as Total Local Revitalization (TLR) and Total Customer Experience (TCE), we have extended our services into lifestyle related industries and businesses, providing integrated services of cultural creativity, local specialties, themed commercial districts, gourmet Taiwan, agricultural experience and health care.

Collaboration Management

  • Corporate synergy development
  • Collaborative business
  • Green supply-chain management

Overall Enhancement

  • Total Lean Management (TLM)
  • Total Productive Management (TPM)
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Total Local Revitalization (TLR)
  • Total Customer Experience (TCE)
  • Operations management guidance
  • Commercial districts operations management
  • Restaurant innovations
  • Health care services
  • Agricultural management assistance

Industry Promotion

  • Transportation vehicles
  • Mechanic-electronic equipment
  • Metal Processing
  • Consumer goods and chemical industries
  • Medical industries
  • Information and Electronics
  • Creative life industries
  • Local cultural industries

Awards and Certificates

  • Taiwan Continuous Improvement Award
  • Agribusiness Science & Technology Innovation Award
  • Certificate for Gourmet Taiwan
  • Certificate for Creative life
  • Taiwan OTOP Product Design Award
  • Taiwan OTOP Business Award

Training and Publication

  • Operations management
  • Quality control
  • Green energy
  • Commercial districts operations management
  • nstitution visits and training
  • Publication of books